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Perropet Pet Magazine is the premier Pet Magazine to check out for pet lifestyle, events, and dog news stories.

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Barkley Square Professional Pet Services is an award-winning in-home professional pet sitting service offering personalized in-home pet care and specializing in your animal’s happiness. We realize how important and special your pet is as a member of your family. That is why we offer a wide variety of professional pet services. We want you to be able to design the service that fits you and your pets’ needs.

In addition to the specialized professional pet sitting and dog walking services offered below, our Pet Care Specialists will take out the trash and recycle bins, bring in the mail and newspapers, set alarms, adjust lights, water plants and gardens, raise and lower blinds, etc. Click on each area to find out more information about our professional pet services.​ 

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The Pet Spa at Barkley Square  started as a mobile grooming service in 2010.  One year later, Kristina Robertson, proprietor of Barkley Square Pets, purchased Dogspaw Grooming in Falls Church, Virginia.  A physical grooming facility became the perfect compliment to Barkley Square's established mobile grooming service offering. 
From bathing and styling to bows and bandannas, Barkley Square's pet groomers do more than just change your pets' appearance - we also make them feel better both physically and psychologically.   The caring touch of our pet groomer can calm a skittish pet, reassure a frightened pet, and make a well-adjusted pet wriggle with pleasure.

We offer three primary grooming services both at the spa and on our mobile van: Splash 'n' Dazzle, Neatened and Polished, and Red Carpet Spa Service.  We also offer specialized services such as  hot oil treatments and blueberry facials!
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Pet Friendly Accommodation ensures your family camping & holidaying experience can be shared with your furry friends. Tired of not being able to find a dog friendly camping area, or pet-friendly holiday place? Pet Friendly Accommodation is for you. Forget being disappointed or trying to find other arrangements for your animals, and bring them along! 

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The BarkPost helps dogs share their stories with the world, using the power of the humans. Dogs do awesome stuff but there was never a place to share all of that awesome stuff until now.

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Modern Dog Magazine is the lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions. This glossy quarterly covers the latest and greatest about what's going on in the canine world and is an essential read for any dog lover. 

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