About Susan Lanci Designs

The Company

Susan Lanci Designs was formed in Carlsbad, California in 2003. Susan Lanci was on a  search to find an attractive yet safe harness for her therapy dog Bailey when she learned that Bailey had a collapsed trachea. Unable to find a harness that met her needs, Susan took matters into her own hands and created the Bailey jacket. People were starting to ask Susan where she got the dog harness and the company was born. 

The Philosophy

Susan Lanci Designs frequently say “It’s all about the dog -fit, function, safety and style”. The one thing they are not about is trendy fashion.  Since both Susan and Dennis Lanci have degrees in design, much of their philosophy dates back to their design school education when an instructor told them, “If something is truly good design now, it is still going to be good design ten years from now. It’s quality will never diminish”. Susan and Dennis still keep these early lessons in mind and approach their products with the goal of creating products with an enduring, timeless quality; something that can be appreciated for years, not months.

Susan Lanci Designs doesn’t view dogs as another fashion accessory; like a handbag or a pair of shoes. The experience with Bailey as a therapy dog made Susan realize that everyone's pets perform an invaluable form of companionship and deserve the appropriate consideration. They strive to create products that are stylish and whimsical but with an enduring quality and premium materials that withstand the test of time. Ralph Lauren defined it quite well when he said “I’m interested in longevity, timelessness and style - not fashion”.

Susan Lanci Designs Products

Susan Lanci Designs is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most comfortable products for the small dog. They feel it is important to keep jobs in America and so our products are manufactured locally here in California; this also allows Susan and Dennis to continually monitor production and quality. Premium materials are used throughout.

Material - Ultrasuede

Their primary fabric is genuine upholstery grade Ultrasuede that is imported from Japan. This outstanding fabric meets all of the requirements for commercial seating. It’s washable, breathable, colorfast and it passes the stringent Wizenbeek 200,000 double stroke abrasion test. This is why companies like Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW and Lamborghini use Ultrasuede in their show car interiors.

In addition, many of Susan Lanci Designs colors are proprietary, custom color matches that have been formulated to their specification in Japan. Susan Lanci feels it is important to be able to offer their customers materials that are unique and not the usual “off the rack” fabrics.

Susan Lanci Designs crystals are exclusively Swarovski. In recognition of Susan Lanci's quality and design, Swarovski has accepted them into their Crystallized program. As proof of this, each of our products bears the “Made with CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements” hang tag bearing Susan Lanci Designs identification number.  Susan Lanci hair bows are thought to be the best quality available. They are made from the same Ultrasuede material as the harnesses and collars. The barrette mechanism is unique in that it is made from a single piece of spring steel, so there is no mechanical mechanism to fail and it has an extra wide clamping area to grip more hair.

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