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As a dog owner, you’ve probably wondered at times whether your dog has supernormal powers of awareness, or a ‘sixth sense’ if you will. Most dog lovers have known a dog that seemed to know when a loved one was coming home, racing to the door, whining, scratching, and wagging their tail in anticipation, even when that person was still miles away, and even when it wasn’t a regular time to come home. Then there’s the fact that dogs will often become protective and bark when a stranger comes to the door, but become friendly and calm if a bunch of strangers are invited in.

For centuries people have believed that dogs can sense the presence of ghosts and evil spirits, maybe you’ve seen your dog acting strangely when nothing’s there. And how do lost dogs find their way back to families that have moved hundreds, even thousands of miles away?

Sixth Sense, Or Super Sense?

Canine senses are much more acute than human senses. Their vision is much better, as is their hearing, and their sense of smell is as much as 10,000 times sharper. For instance, dogs can smell health conditions like high blood pressure and even types of cancer.  According to researchers, the human sense of taste is a little better, and the sense of touch is about the same.

These super senses can explain a lot of the behavior that can sometimes seem uncanny to us humans. But there’s no getting around the fact history is replete with tales of dogs accomplishing feats that can’t be easily explained by these physical characteristics.

Do You Believe?

There has been much research done and circumstantial evidence collected for the existence of a ‘sixth sense’ of some sort, a heightened sense of awareness in both people and dogs, but to date no conclusive evidence exists, indeed there’s really no good way to test for it.

But dog lovers will tend to believe that their loyal friend is special in more than just the obvious ways, and that’s just part of the joy and mystery of owning a dog.


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  • Hannah Choi