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     Many people don't realize that there are many ways you can help an animal shelter near you without necessarily having to donate money. Animal shelters play a critical role in our society and are often under-appreciated. Animal shelters keep abandoned animals off the streets keeping the town a clean and safe place and also providing shelter to these animals in need. 

1) Adopt. Become a mommy or daddy to one of the animals in need.Whether it be a dog or cat, most of these animals are perfectly healthy and ready to go to a new home. A staggering number of animals in shelter (up to 75%) of the animals in shelter are there because of foreclosures, economic issues, and divorce. Many animals in shelter are purebred and are just in need of a new loving home. Don't be afraid to adopt a pet, go in and visit your local animal shelter and meet the animals and see which one you connect with before falling into belief of the stigma that are animals in shelter are not adoptable or "dangerous". 

2) Donate Pet Food & Household Items. Many times you local animal shelter will have something called an "animal shelter wish list" with all the items that they are in need of such as pet food, pet toys, paper towels, etc. Even donating items that are already in your home like hand soap, garbage bags, and detergent can go a long way in providing the animal shelter with their everyday necessities. These items are both helpful and super cost effective for you to donate. 

3) Volunteer. Donating your time not only provide the animal shelter with an extra helping hand but also provides the animals with the love and socialization skills they need. Animal Shelters will usually have a volunteer application and volunteer activities such as dog walking, dog play time, and even cleaning and organizing for volunteers to do. The animals will love your company and will feel like depressed and stressed with this fun interaction from you. Donating your time doesn't have to be the whole day; even 30 minutes for a walk in the park is enough to create a great bond between you and the animal.

4) Promote the Animal Shelter with a skill. Whether it's drawing, photography, or video making skills that you have, all of these can be used to promote and support the local animal shelter near you. You can help make YouTube videos to promote animal shelters and create awareness or even redesign their logo or create a pamphlet for the animal shelter. All of these simple tasks can bring lots of awareness.

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  • Hannah Choi