The Benefits of Clothing for Your Dog


Should I Dress Up My Dog?

There is nothing that will elicit squeals quite like seeing a dog dressed up in a sweater or walking in a pair of shoes. If we had our way, the fact that dogs look extremely adorable in clothing would be enough of a reason to play dress-up with your pooch. There are reasons outside of it being aesthetically pleasing that you should dress up your K-9.

Reasons to Dress-Up Your Dog

When you head outside you are always sure to put on the appropriate attire. This is due to the fact that it can be uncomfortable to wear the wrong type of clothing when the weather is exceptionally warm or cool. The same goes for your dog. While they are creatures designed to be outdoors, that does not mean they will not experience the same amount of discomfort. You would not want to walk on the barefoot on the pavement on a hot summer’s day.  A pair of shoes and socks will protect your dog’s feet from the blistering heat. Or pack a small rain coat and hat with your umbrella for those days when the rain starts.

Weather is not the only reason dogs benefit from wearing clothing. Many dogs have allergies that cause itchy skin, a shirt or sweater can prevent the dog from biting and scratching the skin thus reducing skin irritation. A shirt or sweater will also act as a barrier between the allergens and the dog’s skin.

Luxury Dog Clothing

Just because it is a dog does not mean you should not invest in the outfits you place on them. At Puppy’s Home, we ensure that your dog looks great while feeling great with our luxury clothing. Shop for your dog’s clothing today.


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  • Hannah Choi