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     Every day hundreds of people search high and low looking for places and ways to find their perfect puppy. Here is a guide to places you can find your perfect puppy. 

  1. Friends & Family . The easiest, trustworthy, and probably most cost effective place to find your perfect puppy will be through friends and family. Your friends may have puppies for sale, dogs for sale, or even puppies for free to good homes. Finding a puppy through friends and family may be the most comfortable experience and will be fun to keep the pups inside the friends and family relations so they can visit each other for some furry fun playtime!
  2. Local reputable breeder. Local reputable and recommended breeders that properly breed dogs with papers and all vaccinations are also a good place to find your furry soul mate. Breeders, like their title, will always be breed specific and will almost always raise and sell one specific breed. This is especially helpful when looking for yorkies for sale, maltese for sale or chihuahuas for sale (something specific) because then you will be able to come across a breeder with many pups of that breed to choose from per litter. Be sure to wait a few months until the puppy is ready to separate from its birth mother so the puppy can get the proper nursing and social skills it needs.
  3. Online reputable websites like . You can certainly find dog for sale online by searching for specifics like puppies for sale, yorkies for sale, and chihuahuas for sale , etc. Be sure to look around reputable websites with plenty of information, paperwork, and vaccination papers so that you can ensure your puppy will be healthy. Websites like provide a list of puppies and dogs for sale that have been AKC registered and deemed purebred. There are also websites like that allow you to find puppies for adoption near you. 
  4. Local Animal Shelter. This is the most recommended and cost effective way. Please support your local animal shelter. Unlike popular belief, many animals at the animal shelter are healthy and ready for adoption. Most dogs at the animal shelter are there because of family money situations, foreclosure, divorce, and failure of owner to take care of the dog. Most dogs at the animal shelter are healthy and purebred. Adopting from the shelter is highly recommended because you are saving the puppy's life from euthanization  and giving the puppy a chance at a new loving life. Adopting from a shelter is also cost effective and most shelters offer vaccines and neutering at a very cost effective price. 

     Those are four easy and recommended ways to find puppies for sale. Finding dogs for sale for your home can be a very exciting adventure in finding your new best friend so enjoy every minute of meeting the dogs until you find your new best friend! 

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  • Hannah Choi